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  • ASU scientists show that a protein can be switched on and off to conduct electricity like a metal
    About four years ago, Arizona State University biophysicist Stuart Lindsay’s research team got a lab result that even he couldn’t quite believe. As with most scientific surprises, it goes against all conventional wisdom: the first evidence of a protein that could conduct electricity like a metal.
  • Inventive ASU faculty recognized for record-breaking year - March 9, 2016
    Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE) recently celebrated a record-breaking year for the number of inventions, patents and startup companies that have come out of Arizona State University.
  • Fluidic Energy Is the Biggest Zinc-Air Battery Startup You Haven’t Heard Of
    ASU spinout Fluidic Energy is a commercial-scale, zinc-air battery firm. Although the firm has raised more than $150 million in funding from strategic, venture and government sources, it has managed to keep a relatively low profile.
  • Tinkerer's paradise:
    Engineering professor Tom Sugar doesn't consider himself a modern-day Iron Man, but he does marvel at how his specialty - wearable robotics or exoskeletons - has taken off and achieved something of blockbuster proportions. Sugar has worked in the field since 1999, when he first set up ASU's Human Machine Integration Lab.
  • ASU researchers attempt to develop better tools to detect online activities of terror groups – July 27, 2015
    Researchers are studying issues such as what type of information and propaganda from terror organizations go viral on the social media, how that information spreads and what kind of people/ groups participate in its spread. Read more »
  • ASU researcher is redefining DNA origami - July 25, 2015
    The technique, known as DNA origami, promises to bring futuristic microelectronics and biomedical innovations to market. Hao Yan, a researcher at ASU’s Biodesign Institute, has worked for many years to refine the technique. Read more »
  • The First White Laser - July 27, 2015
    Scientists and engineers at Arizona State University, in Tempe, have created the first lasers that can shine light over the full spectrum of visible colors. The device’s inventors suggest the laser could find use in video displays, solid-state lighting, and a laser-based version of Wi-Fi.
  • ASU proves its patent prowess with global ranking – June 16, 2015
    Michael Kozicki is no stranger to patents. The Arizona State University professor – who has 50 here in the U.S. and about 30 foreign equivalents – has had so many significant patents that he was inducted into the National Academy of Inventors in March.
  • ASU launches Startup Mill to help Arizona entrepreneurs – June 08, 2015
    Arizona State University is launching a program to provide Arizona-based entrepreneurs the same acceleration services available to ASU students, faculty and post-doctoral researchers. The Startup Mill – run jointly by ASU’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Arizona Technology Enterprises, ASU’s technology transfer organization – will more closely link regional entrepreneurs with the cutting-edge research and venture acceleration at ASU.
  • Tekcapital plc Technology Acquisition – April 2, 2015
    Tekcapital acquires exclusive patent license to a new technology for the non-invasive measurement of glucose in saliva. Tekcapital plc (AIM: TEK), an international provider of technology and intellectual property services, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the exclusive license to a patent for the measurement of glucose in saliva from Arizona State University.

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