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Student FAQs

Student FAQs

Who is eligible to disclose an invention and to use AzTE's services?

Any employee or student of the Arizona State University may disclose an invention to AzTE.

Who pays the costs of patenting an invention?

AzTE covers all the costs of patenting an invention. After an invention is licensed, the licensee reimburses these expenses.

Does my invention belong to ASU?

In most cases, yes. Ownership of Intellectual Property is governed by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). Any intellectual property created by an ASU employee in the scope of employment and any intellectual property created with significant use of ASU resources are the property of ABOR.

What if I’m an undergrad student and not an employee?

AzTE will assess whether or not significant use of ASU resources were used in the creation of your discovery. Please make sure to note this on your Invention Disclosure form when it is submitted.

What if I invented something before coming to ASU?

ABOR would not claim ownership of an invention that was developed at another institution. However, any developments or improvements you make while at ASU should be disclosed. An inter-institutional agreement may have to be negotiated with your former institution.

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