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Why Patent
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Why Patent

Why Patent?

A patent helps protect the inventor(s) and any commercial partners, who frequently must make sizable investments to bring new technologies to market. We understand the importance of publishing research and sharing ideas, but in the commercialization process this must be carefully balanced against the need to proceed in a thoughtful and secure manner.

We carefully review the commercial potential for an invention before investing in the patent process. However, because the need for commencing a patent filing usually precedes finding a licensee, we look for creative and cost-effective ways to seek early protections for as many promising inventions as possible.

Due to their expense and the length of time required to obtain a patent, patent applications are not possible for all Arizona State University intellectual properties. 

Patent quick facts:

  • Patent costs and legal fees for accepted disclosures are paid by ASU.
  • Patents are a method of publication, as well as translating inventors' work into a product that will benefit society
  • Patent holders have the ability to prevent others from infringing on their inventions.
  • Our experienced team guides inventors through the patenting process with the goal of filing the best patent application possible while reducing paperwork for researchers.
  • We have excellent industry contacts and years of experience negotiating contracts that work for both inventors and companies.
  • License agreements and Start-up companies provide income to the inventors, the University and inventor departments.
  • AzTE has the resources and the reputation for defending its patents.

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Looking for a technology or invention to commercialize? Arizona State University has over 600 technologies available for licensing. Start your search here or submit your own invention.