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Licensing Process
From Disclosure to Licensing

Licensing Process

Licensing Process



After you file an invention disclosure, AzTE takes 60 days to evaluate the technology based on:

  • Market size
  • Growth potential
  • Competitive analysis
  • Prior art
  • Patent landscape
  • Probable patentability of disclosed invention
  • Market risks, hurdles and technical merit

Industry experts and patent counsel may participate in the evaluation of your invention to provide a more robust view of market needs and patentability. During this process, someone from AzTE may contact you with additional questions.

We will review the information gathered and make an initial decision on the next appropriate steps to begin the protection of your invention. You are welcome to review evaluation materials relevant to your technology compiled by AzTE.

If the conclusions of the assessment indicate that the best opportunity for commercialization is through the formation of a startup company, we offer services to assist you in that process as well.



If the invention is ready to be marketed, we will create a non-confidential summary (NCS) of your invention to send to potential licensees. The NCS will also be searchable on the internet through the AzTE Technology Publisher, iBridge, and the AUTM Global Technology Publisher.

A list of target companies will be compiled from many sources, including our extensive, in-house industry database, market research and your industry contacts. The campaign will commence using the NCS along with any other relevant publications. AzTE staff actively contact target companies to talk about your invention and determine their interest.

After approximately 10 months, a second decision is made at a review meeting to determine whether to continue with prosecution of any patents filed on your invention. This decision is made based on market interest determined during this stage.

The marketing and licensing process is ongoing and may be done in stages as improvements are made. Please be sure to inform us of any new developments or contemplated publications that may describe improvements to your invention.



One of the most critical jobs that AzTE performs is managing the components of IP protection on behalf of ASU. (See Patenting FAQ’s for additional information.)

Patenting is the most common way to protect ASU's intellectual property. Other methods include non-disclosure agreements (NDA), trademarks, and copyrights.

Our team closely safeguards new technologies to provide all parties with the highest level of protection in a licensing transaction.

Please use the following links for further details regarding IP assets:




When we find a licensee for your invention, we will negotiate, execute and manage the resulting license agreement. Please note that negotiating a license agreement can be a lengthy process.

Our team endeavors to structure licensing agreements that provide fair value to the inventor, university and licensee. In addition to the financial terms, agreements typically include reporting requirements and performance milestones.

A component of the successful commercialization of licensed technology is the financial rewards generated for the inventor. See “Royalty Distribution”.

Licenses can lead to collaborative research relationships or sponsored research agreements that are mutually beneficial and lead to valued, long-term relationships.

As a final note, please be aware that not all inventions make their way to the licensing stage and that the timeline above is approximate.

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