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ASU IP Policies

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The Arizona Board of Regents, and the three universities which the Board governs, are all dedicated to teaching, research, and extension of knowledge to the public.

The university community recognizes its responsibility to produce and disseminate knowledge. Inherent in this responsibility is the need to encourage the production of creative and scholarly works and the development of new and useful materials, devices, processes, and other intellectual property, some of which may have potential commercial value. These activities contribute to the professional development of the individuals involved, enhance the reputation of the university in which they work, provide additional educational opportunities for participating students, and promote the public welfare.

Intellectual property created by university employees or with the use of university resources should be appropriately managed in the best interest of the state and the university system. This policy addresses ownership rights and revenue sharing for intellectual property created by Board or university employees or created with the significant use of Board or university resources.

Compliance with this policy is required for all Board and university employees as part of the terms of their employment. This policy also applies to non-employee students of the university and to anyone else who creates intellectual property with significant use of Board or university resources.

Follow this link for the complete ABOR IP Policy.

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